2009-02-23 17:23:45 by mentalissues

Our latest song Corrupted has been released.

We acctualy extended our deadline by at least 2 weeks due to that the file ironicly became corrupted during production so we had to fix a lot of stuff twice over :P

Anyways the endresult turned out to be better than we expected. We hope you will enjoy it :D



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2009-02-23 18:03:40


mentalissues responds:




2009-02-23 19:00:22

U guys should get recorded and release an album!
either who the song waz awesome!

mentalissues responds:

An album is comming :D



2009-02-23 23:58:16

if you guys go on tour and become famous and stuff i wouldnt be surprised.

mentalissues responds:

me neither :D



2009-02-24 21:02:12

Good, I was really looking forwards. I'm glad you guys had fun making it.

mentalissues responds:

We allways have fun making music :D sry about the w8 but in my oppinion it was worth it



2009-02-25 17:04:43

sounds cool

mentalissues responds:

thx :D



2009-03-01 06:44:13

You are awesome!!! Corrupted was probably the best song I've ever heard! I hope sincerily that you never forget to submit any of your fantastic songs to Newgrounds! //RashDecision

mentalissues responds:

Thanks.. glad you like it:D I'm sorry to say that it will be a while until we upload a new single now because we've decieded to focus more on getting the rest of the album done as soon as possible... but we will still keep all of you updated on what we're doing so stay tuned..:D also check us out on youtube... cuz we upload som fun stuff there from time to time like liveshows and just us goofing around randomly:P also check out for more info and stuff..



2009-03-06 15:29:19

guys, this song along with Endless and You are among the best song i've ever heard and i am really looking forward to the album!

mentalissues responds:

thanks :D... we're trying to keep making every single son better than the last one so that when the album finally releases it will be filled with only awesome songs and no bullshit:)


2009-03-06 20:21:41

Im gonna tell U guys something.Dont 4get Y UR so goddam famous,Its not da music,Its not da fame, but da fans!Dont do da same mistake some of these celebrities make,They 4get Y they got there.There in it 4 da money and will go even farther than scandals to B known.Good luk with U guys and remember!Its "us",that make U guys

mentalissues responds:

i agree totaly but what you're saying is only half true though:P
It is actually "we" that make ourselves :P.. BUT it's all of you who makes us wanna keeping doing it.... and triggers us to try and get better with every song every single comment is read and taken to mind because we don't wanna let you down..
all though to get some money would be nice to LoL "WE NEED NEW EQUIPMENT!" XD
and again... we will never forget that without our fans we would never get to play anywhere but in the rehersalroom:P



2009-03-06 20:22:16

I mean take Paris Hilton,she's hot But dat pussy aint clean

mentalissues responds:

I'm sorry to have to break it to you man.. but Paris Hilton aint hot... no matter how you look at it..


2009-03-14 22:25:35

it kinda rock but i didn't like your ending lol!


2009-03-26 11:26:40

My constant source of inspiration!
Just to let you guys know/ ask your permission, I have a comic I'm drawing (more hobby than income) called "GO NINJA" and decided that chapter 3 is going to be about a group of rockers who are literally melting faces with their licks. Can you guess who its going to be? Let me know if its cool if i use your names or likeness. Also "corruption" led me to this idea, and i think its pretty solid. :)

mentalissues responds:

Go for it! Just give credits and a link to your work when your done :) Looking forward to it, cheers / BoB


2009-04-29 00:11:24

i love your music guys!!! hope one day you'll be known all around the world and do mega shows!!! XD I'LL COME THATS SURE!!!!


2009-04-29 00:13:42

i wanna say that endless is one of the best songs ive never heard. keep on workin!! :D :D music is life.


2009-05-05 17:10:11

Damn man, I made you famous around my school :D
They all loved Endless :P you should make more music man I love em' and my friends do too.


2009-05-15 21:07:28

I waz just making a point!^^


2009-07-13 01:23:10

You guys need to get your names more out there! Because by the looks of it! YOu hav a small fan club!


2010-10-07 20:58:45

cuz we upload som fun stuff there from time to time like liveshows and just us goofing around randomly:P also check out for more info and stuff..