Entry #1


2009-01-18 20:33:12 by mentalissues

MIssed us live?

Then why dont you go here?


Guestbook will be done in a few days



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2009-01-19 20:12:52

Your music is so good I might have to trip over to sweden! Seriously, would love to hear you guys live here in the states... like that would ever happen. One can only dream

mentalissues responds:

We will gladly come over to the states as long as someone pays for the ticket :D


2009-01-21 18:15:11

whens the next song gonna be released? the two you have right now are already in my top 10.

mentalissues = win!

mentalissues responds:

The next song is gonna be released in like the end of this week or the beginning of next week.. it's titled "Corrupted" and for all of you who liked endless.. we reckon you're gonna want to marry us and make love to us every single day after hearing this new one XD //Jycklarn


2009-01-21 19:10:06

nah u should come to ireland instead of the states :P oh and ur music rocks

mentalissues responds:

Like my friend said.. as long as someone pays for the ticket and hooks us up with a place to stay we'll go wherever you want :P // jycklarn


2009-01-23 18:06:15

Youre music is Great!!!! Endless is my favorite song. Keep on rockin!!!!!

mentalissues responds:

Glad you like it...:D as long as you all keep listening, we'll Keep rockin..
OOOO MENTAL! // jycklarn


2009-01-28 09:28:30

i'm a fan of you...downloaded both of your songs and put them into a zip archive to be able to send it do a download page later on,like that?

i think ill include link to this page


2009-01-30 22:01:32

are you scared of snakes, spiders or anything that bites?
then come to AUS!

we have the biggest range of poisonous animals!

mentalissues responds:

Would love to go to Australia and as we all said before... Pay the tickets and hooks us up with someplace to stay and someplace to play.. We'll be there. ;)..


2009-02-01 19:26:24

Yo, like i said i'm a fan, But anyhoo for my question. If you guys are in Sweden, then how come your English is very articulate? i thought English was a second language to most places besides the UK and USA plus minor islands.

mentalissues responds:

Haha I had to look up the word "articulate" xD
In Sweden we have english as a second language, but since we have non-swedish fans we speak english so they understand us, and I think that is why our english is very articulate, i have learned a new word :D


2009-02-09 16:25:18

xD I'm glad i could help teach you a new word XD just don't look up FrothyPurge


2009-02-09 16:29:07

ALSO, i need your manager to email me, I wish to make a review in my podcasting class, and for the grade i need to post it online. I'm going to say good things about your band. I'm a fan, like i've said thousands of times now XD

mentalissues responds:

Add my mail, jenkabazes@hotm, and we can talk.


2009-02-19 19:09:45

My Gmail account doesn't like your email, send me an email at gaaraboy@gmail.com